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Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 is a collection of 81 community-created Mega Man levels submitted to theMake a Good Mega Man Level 2 contest. You can find a more detailed description on the MaGMML wiki or on the thread hosted on Sprites Inc.

This website hosts the leaderboards for the best times on each level in MaGMML2, which you can access in-game as well. Click on any link on the left.

Users' recent best runs

UserLevelTypeTimeDate Performed
RadiantHexChomp Man (E1)normal13:3912 hours ago
RadiantHexTier 2 Boss (E1)normal0:3112 hours ago
RadiantHexSomething Original (E1)normal5:0312 hours ago
RadiantHexColorful Hall (E1)normal5:0112 hours ago
fadefaceIdentity Crisis (E1)cheat11:5012 hours ago
fadefaceQuarantine Woman (E1)cheat3:0212 hours ago
fadefaceCity War (E1)cheat1:3013 hours ago
fadefaceTier 1 boss? (E1)cheat0:4113 hours ago
fadefaceThe Stage Nobody Asked For (E1)cheat14:5616 hours ago
sunkythegameWily Star 3 (E1)cheat2:5519 hours ago
sunkythegameWily Star 2 (E1)cheat2:5219 hours ago
sunkythegameWily Star 1 (E1)cheat4:0419 hours ago

Latest first-place runs

UserLevelTypeTimeDate Performed
Bored5555Holy Crap, Mega Man Can Airslide? (E1)alter0:362 days ago
Bored5555Joe Destruction Co. (E1)alter0:372 days ago
Bored5555So Good (E1)alter0:172 days ago
Bored5555So Good (E1)alter0:192 days ago
GniefFiarSo Good (E1)alter0:212 days ago
GniefFiarSo Good (E1)alter0:232 days ago

Top Players

UserNormal Runs CompletedTime
1.PineappleDerp1346:15:42 850 ms
2.Link1346:20:50 529 ms
3.Bored55551347:05:54 599 ms
4.GrimSpecs1348:58:14 119 ms
5.Taprus13410:09:15 399 ms
6.mmg8613412:15:10 280 ms
7.Kunosachiaka13213:19:47 800 ms
8.Cheez1319:29:07 120 ms
9.juanelo13112:32:26 939 ms
10.peterafro1287:32:20 690 ms
11.ParmaJon12813:39:55 949 ms
12.Sniff2312815:06:12 990 ms
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