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Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 is a collection of 81 community-created Mega Man levels submitted to the Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 contest. You can find a more detailed description on the Sprites Inc. wiki, and the thread hosted on Sprites Inc. here.

This website hosts the leaderboards for the best times on each level in MaGMML2, which you can access in-game as well. Click on any link on the left.

Latest first-place runs

UserLevelTypeTimeDate Performed
MystSvin Airflow Hubble (E1)alter3:4419 hours ago
juanelo Beneath Sand and Rock (E1)normal4:092 days ago
SilverEuropium Wily Star 0 (E1)alter3:063 days ago
Link Shovel Knight (E1)alter0:413 days ago
Link Alien Temple (E1)alter0:403 days ago
Link Forgotten Fortress (E1)buster-only0:433 days ago

Users' recent best runs

UserLevelTypeTimeDate Performed
fernandoBR Dragon Lab Lair (E1)no-death2:348 hours ago
fernandoBR Dragon Lab Lair (E1)normal2:348 hours ago
fernandoBR Tier 3 Boss (E1)normal0:548 hours ago
fernandoBR Forgotten Fortress (E1)normal7:548 hours ago
fernandoBR Candy Panic (E1)normal5:228 hours ago
fernandoBR Taco Man (E1)normal5:268 hours ago
fernandoBR The Dampening (E1)normal8:379 hours ago
fernandoBR Combust Man (E1)normal5:489 hours ago
fernandoBR MegaLondo (E1)normal21:0710 hours ago
fernandoBR SMB3 (E1)normal8:1211 hours ago
JAPX Joe Man (E1)cheat14:0912 hours ago
JAPX Ruined Lab (E1)cheat16:0213 hours ago