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Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 is a collection of 81 community-created Mega Man levels submitted to theMake a Good Mega Man Level 2 contest. You can find a more detailed description on the MaGMML wiki or on the thread hosted on Sprites Inc.

This website hosts the leaderboards for the best times on each level in MaGMML2, which you can access in-game as well. Click on any link on the left.

Users' recent best runs

UserLevelTypeTimeDate Performed
SnivymasterQuirky Unconsistent Incomprehensible Nonsensical Track (E1)normal4:324 days ago
GransveldOrbital Station (E1)cheat10:346 days ago
Yoshi2019Snow Man (E1)alter1:476 days ago
Yoshi2019Alien Temple (E1)no-death0:446 days ago
Yoshi2019Alien Temple (E1)normal0:446 days ago
Yoshi2019Alien Temple (E1)no-hit0:446 days ago
Yoshi2019Wily Tower (E1)alter4:096 days ago
YannisForce Man (E1)alter7:408 days ago
YannisTwilight Lodge (E1)buster-only7:208 days ago
YannisStarman Recreation (E1)normal8:258 days ago
GamerGlazeCombust Man (E1)normal3:1111 days ago
GamerGlazeCombust Man (E1)no-death3:1111 days ago

Latest first-place runs

UserLevelTypeTimeDate Performed
WookywokWily Star 1 (E1)cheat1:4618 days ago
Yoshi2019Conveyor Mayhem (E2)cheat0:59a month ago
Yoshi2019Smed's Big Annoying Mess of a Level (E1)cheat1:00a month ago
GrimSpecsSomething Original (E1)normal2:182 months ago
GrimSpecsGigavolt Man (E1)no-hit1:312 months ago
GrimSpecsMetallic Ocean (E2)buster-only2:572 months ago

Top Players

UserNormal Runs CompletedTime
1.PineappleDerp1346:19:11 820 ms
2.Link1346:23:35 310 ms
3.Bored55551347:20:13 839 ms
4.GrimSpecs1348:58:14 119 ms
5.Taprus13211:20:54 70 ms
6.Kunosachiaka13213:19:47 800 ms
7.Cheez1319:29:07 120 ms
8.juanelo13112:32:26 939 ms
9.peterafro1287:32:20 690 ms
10.ParmaJon12813:39:55 949 ms
11.wade172012718:31:26 90 ms
12.MystSvin1266:39:18 360 ms
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